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The Returning - Chapter 16

Title: The Returning

Chapter: 16

Author: Iolo1234

Fandom: Torchwood

Size: 39,000 words

Pairings: Jack/Ianto and OCs

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Johnson, Gwen, OCs from the Gift and introducing Squee.

Rating: PG – 14 mostly

Spoilers: None as this is completely AU an follows on from the Gift

Warnings: some sexual content including m/m, f/f and m/f

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters as they belong to Russell T Davies and the BBC but I do get to play with them.

Notes: Ianto takes Jack out on their date. My version of the DATE  (PG -14) Jack took Ianto on after KKBB can be found here.

A more adult version that is freinds locked can be found here

I’ve also added some links to pictures of three Cliffs Bay so you can see where I mean.


Chapter 16 – Back with Jack


Ianto knew that he had to plan this date carefully. He’d decided that he wanted Jack back in his life but he didn’t want to take him for granted. And he wanted them both to be sure that they wanted each other back in their beds. He was pretty sure that Jack wouldn’t push him away but he’d been the one who’d left Jack for another man, and sometimes he needed to remind himself of that fact. He’d checked with Gwen that it would be alright to take the weekend, as this date was not going to be a simple dinner out. He thought about the first date he’d had with Jack; that was such a lot to live up to and Ianto sometimes still found it difficult to believe how much time Jack must have taken planning it.

Ianto also had to think what he was going to do about Bronwyn. He thought it odd that he too thought about the shape shifter by that name. He’d decided that she was sincere and Jack said that Aidan would never need to know, but, Ianto wondered what about marriage and children? How was that going to work? The false papers would probably work but Ianto had no idea if Bronwyn would be able to have children and whether they’d be shape shifters too. He was ninety percent certain that he’d say nothing to Aidan as he’d never seen his friend looking so happy, but was that certain enough?

Saturday morning came and the first part of Jack’s treat was delivered. Ianto had to admit that this was a treat for him also, being a long term James Bond fan. The Aston Martin DB6 was gorgeous, silver and sleek. He jumped in the car, having stowed the equipment in the boot, and started the engine. It purred into action and Ianto drove with a smile on his face. He parked in the lower car park. He rang the catering firm where he was going to collect a large hamper on the way, to check it was ready, and went into the Hub to find Jack. His Captain was sat waiting for him. Ianto did a double take as Jack was dressed in casual shirt and jeans. He thought he could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times he’d seen Jack dressed this way. His backpack sat on the desk. Ianto had given a few hints about the sort of clothes he’d need. He walked towards Jack, a little uncertain, and kissed him gently. The kiss was returned and began to grow into something more until Ianto made himself pull away.

‘Are you ready to go?’ he asked.

It was quiet in the Hub but Ianto knew that there would be others around discreetly watching.

‘Yes, I’m ready. I’ll just let Gwen know we’re off.’ Jack went into Gwen’s office and Ianto heard some chat but didn’t know what was said. This would really be the first time he and Jack had spent any time alone together since that first night. He’d been back a week and he knew that he had things to make up for; after all he’d been the one who’d left, not Jack. He thought Jack wanted him, he could see that in the way he looked at him, but Ianto wanted to be certain that this was what he wanted. Selfish and unfair though it was he had to protect himself, and Jack. He didn’t want to give Jack false hope. This weekend was about finding out if they had a future. They needed to talk away from familiar places, with no interruptions.

Jack came out of the office, smiling, followed by Gwen. She gave Ianto a look that said, ‘sort it, Ianto, you two have too much that is good to throw it away.’ Ianto smiled back at Gwen and grabbed Jack’s bag.

‘Come on old man. Time to go; things to do.’

‘Oi, less of the old man thank you. I’m looking good for someone over hundred and fifty years old!’

‘You’ll get no argument from me on that one. I have to say that I’m loving the jeans.’

They went downstairs and Ianto said, ‘put this on, Jack.’ He handed Jack a blindfold.

‘You haven’t changed then, Ianto,’ Jack said and winked at him. ‘Handcuffs as well then?’ He held out both his hands just in case.

‘Jack ……..,’ Ianto warned, ‘there’s a reason for this other than to satisfy your kinks.’

‘Yours too, if I remember those occasions rightly, Mr Jones.’ Ianto blushed.

‘Is that OK?’ Ianto asked as he tied the blindfold at the back.

‘Yes,’ Jack said, ‘but you’ll have to lead.’ Ianto grabbed Jack’s arm and led him out of the lower entrance, towards the car.

‘This is the first part of today. It’s all yours for the weekend.’ Ianto took off the blindfold to reveal the vintage, silver Aston Martin.

He was thrilled to see the look on Jack’s face as he stroked his hand down the bonnet and got in the driver’s seat while Ianto just managed to get his bag in the boot.

‘I remember you saying that you’d always wanted to drive one of these and you know my Bond fetish, so I hired it.’

Jack was still touching bits of the car and wriggling into the leather seat.

‘It’s gorgeous, Ianto. So where are we going then?’

‘Head out towards the top road and then to the airport. No we’re going past there heading to the Gower coast. I’ll direct you as we go. It was ten thirty and Ianto wanted to be at the pub for lunch. The pub was a nice one overlooking the Channel coast and it was a glorious day. The temperature was supposed to hit around 28C. Jack couldn’t exactly put his foot down but he went as fast as he dared along the A48. Off the main road the biggest worry was the wandering sheep. Jack had to slow down at times. Sitting in the car it was hard to tell who was the most excited, Jack or Ianto. All the way they tried out different impersonations of the various Bonds. Ianto always won the guess the film questions but Jack had increased his knowledge. Ianto was surprised to find out that Jack had watched all of the Bond films during his absence.

‘It made me feel closer to you,’ Jack explained. Ianto felt like someone had stuck a knife in his heart.

‘I’m sorry ,Jack. I really am. I know I hurt you. Right we’re nearly there. The pub is just around the corner. There it is, just pull into the car park by the side.’

They spent the next hour or so eating and talking, nothing deep but the food was nice. Jack filled Ianto in on all the things that had happened over the last two years. Ianto watched his eyes shine when he talked about his granddaughter. Jack really was good with babies. He loved Gareth and could often be found on his hands and knees playing with him. Well, he was Gareth’s godfather, as was Ianto. He’d have to spend some time with him as well. Jack talked about the aliens that had come through the rift but there hadn’t been anything really threatening. The rift seemed to have quietened down since it moved. Of course, that really was the wrong thing to think – tempting fate.

‘So where are we going next?’ Jack asked.

‘That would be telling but we have got a bit of a walk and I hope you packed a bucket and spade.’

‘Great it’s a lovely day for the beach,’ answered Jack. Then he remembered, ‘I haven’t packed any trunks!’

‘Don’t worry I packed some for you and a bucket and spade.’ He smiled. Ianto hoped it would be a lovely night as well. He’d packed a two man tent in the back and he was looking forward to perhaps spending some time in it.

Ianto had organised a lock up for the car near the entrance to the valley. He didn’t really want to leave it in the public car park.

‘Right, we need our bags and this one and the hamper. Are we going to manage them all? They put on the back packs and one carried the equipment bag, which was quite large and heavy, and one the hamper.

‘OK Ianto, I’m following your lead.’ They went down a wooded path until they emerged into a beautiful valley, with a river that meandered down to the sea.

‘This is Three Cliffs Bay, one of the most beautiful places in the world as far as I’m concerned. We came here on a geography field trip when I was a boy and I loved it. There’s a rock down at the bay which looks like a dragon. We’re going to camp as near to the sea as we can.’ Ianto suddenly realised that Jack hadn’t said anything. In fact Jack was stood just gazing into the valley with tears forming in his eyes.

‘Jack, are you OK?’ Ianto was worried that he’d somehow done the wrong thing. ‘We don’t have to stay here.’

‘Sorry Ianto, you weren’t to know. This is where Alice and Jenny scattered Steven’s ashes; he loved this place. Alice would walk him down here to the sea. I’ve never been here before. You’re right it’s beautiful.’

Ianto put his arms around Jack and held him tightly. Jack cried bitter tears for some time as they both stood there.

‘We can go back, Jack. It doesn’t matter. I’m sorry.’

‘No I want to stay. I lost you both. I can’t get him back but at least I can feel near him and be with you at the same time. Let’s walk down to the sea.’

They walked in silence as Jack looked around him. It was truly beautiful. There were a few other people there but unless you were prepared for the walk less people came to this spot. It was more remote than the other beaches around the coast. They found a spot near the river mouth but on the grass and sat down. They looked at the waves as they came in and watched a family running in and out of the sea. Jack knew the boy would be around Steven’s age. Ianto took his hand.

‘You’ve never talked about it ,Jack. There’s so much that you’ve been through that you’ve never talked to me about. It was always part of the problem between us, Jack. I felt shut out at times.’

‘I’ve lived a long time Ianto, and done a lot I’m ashamed of. I didn’t want you to think badly of me. I can’t talk about Steven and what happened. It was just another one of those awful decisions I’ve had to make and which I have to live with and talking about it doesn’t make it any better. I know I did the only thing I could do to kill the 456 and save the rest, but I couldn’t save you.’

‘What about telling me what happened between the 456 being killed and you returning to Earth, two years ago. What did you do?’

‘Well, I spent the first six months on Earth getting drunk, getting laid and getting killed, but that didn’t work. I couldn’t see or hear or think about anything but you and Steven. So I left, looking for the Doctor. I thought he could solve things for me. I thought he’d fix me but even though he tried, he couldn’t. I met him after six months of looking. We talked, I shouted. I wanted to know where he was when the 456 came. I wanted to know why I’d had to sacrifice my lover and my grandson. He told me that he’d been taken on a bus to a strange planet that was dead. He had no way back and he could do nothing. Once the event had happened it was fixed and he couldn’t change it. We parted as friends.’

‘You’ve always loved him haven’t you?’ Ianto asked quietly.

‘Yes and now he’s gone. He’s someone else now. I wouldn’t even recognise him if I met him in the street. This would be the third Doctor in my life. I did see him again briefly. I haven’t told you this but I should. Part of the reason I came back was a man I met. The Doctor introduced him to me. His name was Alonso Frame. We met in a bar. You remember the Titanic that nearly crashed on Buckingham Palace, well he was part of the crew. We had a fling. He reminded me of you. He was young, idealistic, imaginative and kind. He made me feel human again. I stayed with him for two months and I wanted to bring him back with me, but he wouldn’t come. He said to go on my own and if I still felt the same to return to get him using my wrist strap. Then I got you back and I returned to tell him. He understood. I often wonder where he is now. I hope he found someone else. He was lovely. Does that upset you, Ianto?’

Ianto took Jack’s hand. ‘No I’m glad you met him if he brought you back to me. I’d like to shake his hand. He must have been special Jack, for him to have made such an impact on you.’

‘Yeah he was. What about you and Iestyn? Why did you end up leaving, as you seemed pretty sure when you left?’

Ianto sat for a while without speaking.

‘You don’t have to tell me. It’s alright.’

‘No it’s just difficult. I guess you deserve to know. I just needed to work out my answer. There is only one simple answer; he wasn’t you. Oh, don’t get me wrong, he was good in so many ways. He made me feel special, wanted, needed but I couldn’t get you out of my head. How much do you really want me to say, Jack? We went to some amazing places and saw some extraordinary things but there was no focus, no purpose. It was fun but that’s all. There was no team, nothing to fight for, no-one to risk all with, no one to stand side by side with against an enemy whose power you didn’t comprehend. In the end there was no competition. I had to come back to the real world, a world where I felt I did good, and a world that had you in it. By now your head should be swelling.’

Jack sniggered.

‘Honestly, you are impossible. Come on let’s go swimming.’ Ianto dug in his bag and pulled out something for Jack to wear. He threw them at Jack.

‘Be thankful I didn’t bring the Speedos!’

They got changed quickly and ran into the sea. They had fun jumping in the waves and messing about splashing each other. By now it was getting later and no one was about. They could be affectionate with each other and there was a certain amount of playful grabbing until Jack managed to pull of Ianto’s trunks and run out of the water with them.

‘Jack, there might be someone on the cliffs. There might be kids about. Come on give them back.’

‘What’s it worth, Ianto?’

‘Coffee? I’ve brought some and some champagne and some wonderful food. That’s what’s in the hamper.’

‘OK you win.’ Jack went back into the sea and returned the trunks. They walked out hand in hand and Ianto got out the hamper.

‘Where are we staying tonight by the way? Do you have a wonderful hotel planned?’

‘Not exactly. We’re staying here. There’s a tent in the bag; a two man tent and sleeping bag or we can sleep under the stars, with just us and the sky.’

Ianto got the food out and opened the champagne. They sat and ate and drank, feeding each other all manner of things that tasted wonderful. It began to get dark and Ianto suggested setting up the tent. As they did he looked troubled for a moment.

‘What is it?’ Jack asked. Then he realised what happened the last time they went camping. He hugged Ianto and said, ‘come on that was a long time ago and I’m here to save you; I did then. And of course I have this!’ Jack produced a gun from somewhere.

‘Where did you have that? No don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.’

Ianto hung a light at the front of the tent. ‘Let’s sit out here for a bit and finish the champagne. We can have some coffee then and leave the rest for breakfast.’

‘Just a brief question Ianto – where’s the loo?’

‘That rock over there looks lovely,’ Ianto replied smiling. ‘Come on Jack, you’ve roughed it before.’

The sun set over the sea. They’d sat together in almost total silence, just holding hands and leaning against each other. They counted the stars as they came out and played spot the UFO. Jack was sure he’d spotted one. It began to get a bit chilly as the wind came up with the waves.

‘We are far enough back here aren’t we, Ianto?’

‘Yes, Jack. Let’s get in the tent,’ Ianto suggested. ‘I want to be naked with you, Jack. I want to be with you Jack, more than anything!’

Jack put his hands on Ianto’s shoulders and looked him in the eyes. ‘Oh those eyes,’ he thought ‘Are you sure this is what you want, because I do. I’ve missed you so much Ianto. I want us to be together properly and to spend time over it. I want to get to know your body again. I want to listen to you breathe and moan and move beneath me. I want to feel you touch me all over. I want to taste you under my tongue. I want to kiss every inch of your skin.’

‘You had me before the first word, Jack. Come on get into the tent.’ Lying next to each other illuminated by the lamplight Ianto began to undo the buttons on Jack’s shirt. He put a finger into his mouth and ran it down Jack’s chest. Then he leant back on one elbow and said, ‘now, Jack, what did you say you wanted to do?’


Three Cliffs Bay is one of my favourite places. I went there on a geography field trip as part of a 10 mile hike!!

This one is what the Bay looks like at midnight

This one shows more of the valley down to the sea

The next chapter is about the consequences of drinking Asturian mead! I hope you bear with me.

Chapter 17 here

Tags: angst, drama, fluff, love, romance, slash, the returning, torchwood

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