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The Returning - Chapter 14

Title: The Returning

Chapter: 14

Author: Iolo1234

Fandom: Torchwood

Size: 39,000 words

Pairings: Jack/Ianto and OCs

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Johnson, Gwen, OCs from the Gift and introducing Squee.

Rating: PG – 14 mostly

Spoilers: None as this is completely AU an follows on from the Gift

Warnings: some sexual content including m/m, f/f and m/f

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters as they belong to Russell T Davies and the BBC but I do get to play with them.



Chapter 14


Ianto sat on a bench in the Plass wondering what he was going to do. He wanted to go back to work. He wanted Jack, he’d known that from the moment he touched him again, but could he be certain that Jack was telling the truth. His biggest problem was what was he going to tell Aidan, if anything?

He watched as people passed by enjoying the summer sunshine. The Bay looked lovely as the sun reflected off it. He realised how much he’d missed this, his city, his country, his world and all the humans on it. After all he’d died trying to save them.

‘Ianto Jones, pull yourself together,’ he said to himself, ‘you’re making yourself sound like the Messiah!’ His phone rang.

‘Aidan, hi, how did it go? Really? So he used his charm again. I don’t know whether I’m ready for that yet. OK Aidan, I’ll wait here for you.’

Within ten minutes Aidan appeared and sat down next to him. Ianto watched as the Torchwood camera shifted position. He wondered who was watching on the other end. He suspected that it would be Jack, worried about what he was going to say to Aidan.

‘Let’s get out of here, Aidan. We have things to talk about and I’d rather not have an audience,’ he said, pointing upwards. They went to one of the cafes in the area and got fish and chips. Ianto had missed British food.

‘So what did he say about this shape shifter then?’ Ianto asked.

‘He told us the truth basically. The thing is that the others liked him. He was pretty much the same as you and they like you. Even I have to admit that he was a good mate. I even got him to play a few games and the rugby club lads liked him. He was easy to get on with and like you he made great coffee and organised everyone. He was also a great listener and helped me to decide about Bronwyn.’

‘I bet he did,’ thought Ianto. ‘About Bronwyn, sounds like you’re serious.’

‘I am. We’ve known each other for only a few months but I love her and we’ve got so much in common. She is everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. She’s beautiful, clever and interesting. I love being with her and just talking.’ Aidan put his hand into a pocket and brought out a box. ‘I want you to meet her, Ianto.’ He opened the box which contained a solitaire diamond ring.

‘Wow,’ said Ianto, ‘you are serious. That looks like a month’s wages.’

‘I don’t know if I’m ready to ask her yet. Would you meet her, Ianto? I value your opinion.’

‘What did the other Ianto think?’

‘Well, they never actually met,’ replied Aidan. ‘There always seemed to be something with Jack or a weevil!’

Somehow Ianto wasn’t surprised, seeing as they were one and the same creature.

‘Yeah I’d love to meet her.’ Ianto smiled.

‘I’ll call her now.’ Aidan took out his mobile and rang. At the same time Ianto got a text message. It was Jack. All it said was, ‘please give Squee a chance.’

‘Bronwyn can meet us tonight. I’ll pick you up at eight and we can go to a pub for a few drinks and perhaps a meal. There’s a nice one not far from Bronwyn’s house she says. Are you going to come back to the Hub with me then? The others are desperate to see you.’

Ianto smiled. ‘Yeah, I’d like to.’ He also wanted to make Jack as uncomfortable as possible.

Jack sat watching the CCTV feed until Aidan and Ianto moved out of sight. His mind was a maelstrom of emotions. He wanted to see Ianto again; he wanted to feel his touch again. At the thought he shivered. He hadn’t felt anything for anyone for two years. The most handsome men and beautiful women had tried their luck but it was as if something in him had died and now every feeling he’d ever had came rushing back into him. He ached and every nerve tingled with the memory of what had happened the night before. It had been the last thing he’d expected. He closed his eyes and relived those brief memories and then allowed his mind to wander through the many other occasions he’d shared with Ianto. He still had no idea why this man had affected him more than any other in his long life. Then the fear began to hit; fear that he might never get to touch Ianto again. He feared that he had gone to far this time. So far things had gone his way. The others liked Squee so telling them hadn’t been so bad except for Johnson, who unsurprisingly was just worried about Marie, his granddaughter. Johnson was fiercely defensive of Alice and Marie and, to be honest, Jack was glad that she was there to keep them from harm.

Jack wanted to do his best for Squee, or Bronwyn, as she now wanted to be known. He felt responsible for her and wanted her to be happy. She would be good for Aidan and truth be told an asset for the team. A shape shifter could go anywhere and be anything; that would be really useful on some missions. Jack knew having sex with an alien was not something he was bothered about but Aidan was so straight in many ways. He looked at the screen again and noticed Aidan and Ianto heading for the tourist office entrance. Ten minutes later the seal rolled across and Ianto stood at the top of the stairs with Aidan. Jack thought that he looked nervous and it was weird looking at him dressed so casually in jeans and top. He also looked hot and Jack felt his body responding just from looking at him. Ianto seemed to glow; there was a radiance about him. The Cardiff Blues shirt seemed to bring out the blue in his eyes.  Then he smiled and Jack had to turn away. He wanted to see but not to be seen.

Ianto came down the stairs and suddenly there was noise from several places. Gwen ran down the stairs out of her office and hugged Ianto. Johnson and Ellie appeared, and were more restrained, but Ianto hugged them both. Jack peered over the railing and noticed that Ianto was looking around. Their eyes met and Ianto smiled. Jack wondered if he was forgiven after all. Then Ianto looked away and smiled at Gwen.

‘I’ve so many questions, Ianto; I don’t know where to begin.’ Gwen grabbed his hand and said, ‘come on up to the boardroom. You must come round to ours tonight; Rhys will want to see you as well. You haven’t seen Gareth for two years; he’s into everything now. The terrible twos were well named.

Up in the boardroom they sat looking at each other.

‘I suppose you want to know why I’m back,’ Ianto asked.

‘Tell us whatever you want to tell us,’ Gwen said. ‘Of course we want to know everything about where you’ve been and what you’ve seen and why you’re back.’

‘To be honest I wouldn’t know where to begin. I did keep a diary so perhaps when I write those memoirs you’ll know everything. I’ve seen some amazing things and met some creatures, good and bad, but it’s funny I missed this place. I began to understand why Jack stays and why the Doctor loves humans. We are out there all over the place. There are human genes all over the universe. Jack’s not the only one who’s prepared to experiment apparently. I had fun, I really did, but well……..,’ Ianto looked over to where he knew Jack would be hiding and lowered his voice. ‘I missed him. He is the most insufferable man ever but I can’t seem to help myself. I had to come back to see if we had a future.’

‘And Iestyn?’ Gwen asked.

‘He said he understood but let’s not go there for now.’ Ianto nodded his head over to where he knew Jack would be.

‘Feeling guilty is he? Aidan said he told you what he’d done. What are you going to do? He said that he and Squee hadn’t really been together. I want to believe him. Is that true?’

‘To be fair Ianto, none of us were with him all the time but you know how revealing CCTV can be around here.’ Ianto went red as he certainly did. Tosh was forever wiping images of him and Jack playing hide and seek. Eventually, Ianto had remembered to turn it off himself. Strangely, Jack never seemed to bother. Ianto smiled at the memory of how inventive Jack could be.

‘Well travelling seems to have suited you Ianto, you look great. Would you mind if I ran some tests sometime?’ Ellie asked.

‘Give me a while and I’m all yours.’ He turned towards Gwen. ‘I’d like to come back, Gwen, if that’s alright with everyone.’

‘You can start tomorrow as far as I’m concerned,’ Gwen replied.

‘I might as well start now as I think I need a coffee and to find where his lordship is skulking.’

Jack had stayed in his office. Ianto made coffee for everyone and then brought Jack his mug in his office. He put it down on the desk and then sat down opposite. Jack didn’t say anything, just picked up the coffee, took a sip and sighed as he swallowed.

‘Missed me?’ Ianto asked, ‘or just my coffee? Squee not as good then?’ Ianto noticed that Jack’s greatcoat was hung up on the floor. He got up and went over to where it lay. He deliberately bent over to pick it up. He heard Jack’s sudden intake of breath and smiled to himself.

‘You really are useless without someone to organise you, Jack.’ He sniffed the coat before he put it back on the coat stand, then he turned to face the other man. It was fun to see Jack looking that uncertain. The last time he’d seen that look was when they were in the office, looking for that so called nuclear device, and Jack had asked him out on a date. Jack’s eyes were full of questions now as well, as he tilted his face sideways. Turning things on their head Ianto asked,

‘How are you, Jack?’ Jack caught on quickly.

‘All the better for having you back, Sir.’

‘Can we drop the Sir now please?’

‘So I’ve been thinking while I was away, dinner, movie?’

‘Are you asking me out on a date, Ianto?’

‘Yeah, interested?’

‘As long as it’s not in this office.’

Ianto got up and walked to the door.

‘So is that a yes, Jack?’

Jack took in a mouthful of air. ‘Yes, it’s a yes.’

Ianto walked out of the door smiling. Jack breathed out. Ianto knew that he could never remain angry with Jack for long, but he still had no idea what he was going to do about Aidan. He popped his head back round Jack’s door. Jack had a ridiculous grin on his face.

‘Oh by the way,’ Ianto began, ‘I’m meeting Bronwyn with Aidan tonight.’

Suddenly the grin just disappeared and Ianto left Jack dangling.

Chapter 15 here

Tags: angst, au, drama, humour, romance, slash, the returning

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